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The quality of life is defined by the air we breathe and light we see. Lumenaire India brings in a technology to enhance the way we live by creating spaces of clean and safe air along with high quality lightings enabled by state-of-art user friendly technologies. LumenAire India Pvt Ltd established in Coimbatore to demonstrate our commitments to Make in India mission set by Government of India in the area of clean air technology to address pollution and air borne pathogens that cause asthma and pandemics such as Covid-19 and others.

In partnership with LumenAire Singapore, manufacturing facility has been set up to scale up production for India and overseas market opportunities.

Our Products

There is a higher chance of acquiring COVID-19 indoors than outdoors, therefore, LumenAire repond to changing market conditions that helps us to meet diverse application requirements to fight the airborne infections.


Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) is the 4th leading cause of death with 99,000 fatalities per year in the US and many other countries. Air contamination has always been a serious problem in healthcare facilities. Devices like our shielded UV re-circulating air disinfection units treat the environmental bioburden that can immediately be applied to reduce the risk of transmission of airborne pathogens, these systems can be used in any enclosed occupied space.

  • Pendant type has CFM: 15 ft3/min
  • UV Intensity: 30,455 uW/cm2
  • Exposure Time: 0.93 secs


Office and commercial places like malls, theatres,shopping complexes and other commercial spaces pose significant risk due to closed environment,therefore, airborne particles including pathogens are suspended in the air for long time and cause allergies and infections.
Our shielded UV re-circulating air disinfection units reduce the risk of contamination for all occupants and reduce or eliminate costs and loss of profits, resulting from a long absence due to illness.

  • Troffer has CFM: 57.2 ft3/min
  • UV Intensity: 42,160 uW/cm2
  • Exposure Time: 0.92 secs


Indoor Air Quality has always been a serious problem in hospitality facilities. In fact, you can catch many airborne diseases including COVID-19 that is spread freely thru poorly maintained AHU units.
Devices like shielded UV recirculating air disinfection systems can treat the indoor air, it can immediately be applied as a countermeasure to reduce the risk of transmission of airborne pathogens, these systems can be used in any enclosed occupied space. Guest will feel more safe and secure if this device can be present and seen as a preventive measure to control the spread of the coronavirus.

  • Wall Mount has CFM: 103 ft3/min
  • UV Intensity: 55,836.5 uW/cm2
  • Exposure Time: 0.79 secs with timers & motion sensors


In some space, the problem of airborne transmission is particularly critical, especially to those places where there is a high density of people ex. lobby, restaurants, gyms, meeting spaces, etc. Hospitality environments are even more critical, for example, rooms that have a high turnover of guest have limited cleaning and disinfection time before the next occupant, therefore are prone to lack of sanitation.

  • Unitaty In-Duct system has CFM: 399.4 ft3/min UV
  • Intensity: 55,736 uW/cm2
  • Exposure Time: 0.66 secs

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